Beth (meninaa) wrote,

i have been in my towel for.... 39 minutes.

i shaved my legs. this is a big deal people. MAYBE ill wear a skirt today??

haha probably not. i will probably wear P.E shorts. and then not work out.

listening to lee ann womack (something worth leaving behind) reminds me of being home and singing this song.

listening to jessica andrews reminds me of going to the beach with jessie and tray.

i CANT WAIT to go home and see my friends.

i dont feel like putting pictures.
but i will miss chico SO MUCH.
but i will be back.
Chico is my life now, and I like that.
im going home for a vacation. a 3 month vacation. i will be with my old friends, then come back up and see all the new people ive gotten to know over the past 9 months. they are my new friends. my oldl friends i will have my whole life. i will have these people too. i love the people that ive grown up with and am so excited to reunite with them.

life is good. you know you have a good thing when you can love life at home and love life at school.

i cant name all the people i love. there are too many.

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