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in the past 2 days i have finished:
a box of chocolates.
a bag of chips (the big kind).
a book (Angry housewives eating bon bons.. great book i highly suggest it and yeah.. pretty deep in some parts, made me think)

i bought a biography of maureen o'hara, a book on the most evil dictators in history, and a book of poetry by nikki giovanni.

i like michigan.

i drink approx. 12 cups of tea a day.

im scared of the room i sleep in.

talked to my dad about a tattoo last night, maybe he'll accept it by the time im 21? i think he will. i told him i want george bushs face on my back and he was silent for about 30 seconds. but then he said he would like it if i got that, and i fell silent. then he told me if i kept drawing tattoos of jewish symbols on my feet i was going to get ink poisoning. then i said that he was protective of me. then he said i know. then i said oh. then i went to bed at 2 AM. thats it... thats my story.

LISTEN UP. I LIKE WATCHING THE NEWS NOW. i find it fascinating and i like knowing stuff happening in the world. ALSO. I have drinken 7 cups of black coffee in 3 days. i kinda love it.

I think we are buying some things here in Michigan, which im excited for. yeah its a small town where everything looks like its out of the 1950's, but a house is only around $70,000. and the homes i think are beautiful. land is cheap here. i really like it. mazel tov.

oye gevult.. im going to eat some cookies.

she taught me how to knit. im awful but she says im great. could i love her any more? no.

master and commander is a great movie.

im going to costco when i get back to chi-chi, as i have been craving hummus and pita for awhile. AND... canteloupe. OH BABY THEY'RE COMING BACK IN SEASON!!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! i heart fruit more than i heart you. its true. im sorry.

RING 2 ANYONE?!?!?!?! oh yeah we are going back in chi-chi im sorry its true and katie koch better not say no (EVEN THOUGH IM NOT TOUCHING YOUR HANDS DURING THE MOVIE MISSY).

i want to name my child elsie. elsie may. i think that is a beautiful name.
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