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yeah thats right. i told you catherine that i was going to make a livejournal post (that was my threat bitchass) about the LAME ASS phone convo we had today. and im doing it. because preparing for a presentation is not going to happen.

so hello everyone. this is my good friend kiki.

she has the nose ring. shalom!

she goes by kate but is actually named catherine. i call her kiki because i am cool enough to do so. most likely you are not, so you must call her catherine or kate.

yeah, she looks pretty cool. nice enough i guess, funny in her own handicapped way. draws lame pictures of herself with her hair blowing in the wind and is self absorbed enough to put the picture on my bulletin board THROUGH MY COLDPLAY POSTER.

so i called her today. ya know, i missed her. i had a dream about the high prices at abercrombie last night and it made me think of her. i call and we are talking, then i have to go because i am at my dorm and frankly dont want to talk to her anymore. it happens. but then she said SHE has to go. and i say ok. and she asks why i called. i say just to talk.
stupid kiki: "OH i know why you called!"
beautiful amazing wonderful beth: "huh? why?"
stupid kiki: "I think you know"
beautiful amazing wonderful beth: "No... i dont. i just called to talk..."
stupid kiki: "Alright fine whatever. You're a loser"
beautiful amazing wonderful beth: "what?!? but... i just wanted to talk!"
stupid kiki: "whatever. bye beth"


so there you go. my explanation of why catherine stupid loser head pope is just that, a stupid loser head.

and jessie, wake the fuck up before 11:00. You are wasting your life.

im going to shoot myself i am so stressed and sick. feel like crud. this weekend tho is lindsay, then next saturday michigan with my dad! MMMMMMMM i LOVE small towns where they only have a bowling alley and a supermarket. my grandma wants to take me to her senior citizen coffee breakfast thing. im so juiced. then that wednesday ill be home again, be with the family, go shopping and hopefully see stephanie and run a little. beach too of course, even though im sure its freezing. wtf mate i dont care!!!

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