Beth (meninaa) wrote,

steal my sunshine.

Before I came to the beautiful California State University Chico to attend my advanced education.. I recieved a lot of hurtful harrassment from my "friends" back home about my comforter. They said it was ugly and dirty and smelled bad because I let my (BEAUTIFUL) dogs (bulldogs) sleep on it quite regularly. So I then came to Chico WITH my comforter, and it has now happened. My friends here have noticed the dingy state, and grandmother-like fabric of my bedding. I am appalled, since I love my comforter, and have even returned a new down comforter that my parents bought me so I could keep this one. Today though, Ashley and Margaret decided it would be funny to dump rice on my bed. Well, actually they thought it would be funny to put a spoonful on my bed, I started to laugh and then I emptied the whole bowl onto my sheets. And it was funny.
and im most likely not going to wash my comforter, cause im cheap and lazy and dont use the dryers here.


P.s. FNM club for life.
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