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My grandparents came up this weekend with my favorite aunt!!! And Im def. going to Pleasonton this weekend to see Lindsay I think since we just talked about it and we decided its lame we are so close but dont see each other. So ill do a road trip down there, kinda sad cause itd be fun to be here my last weekend in Chico. But whatever Spring Break is just a week basically. Well i miss my grandparents a lot, Im pretty close to them and ill throw a pic in cause i know you all love to see them. They couldnt stay longer than a few hours but it was fun anyways. MMM they bought me food. And MMM i had a real bagel today not that whitney ish. Konkow had a track meet and that was very fun as well. I went with Seany and Matt and we decorated our bodies of course cause we would all do anything for Jake!!! And he did awesome and now I need to study for my midterm tomorrow eek!

And then I tried to take pics after Ashley left, but they went fast and I have slow reflexes.. here are my attempts. But we all know Ash is better at pics than I am..

..he was fast. MMMM fast.

they are all from far away but i dont want to zoom in. Jake is turning the curves in some pics.

And then today I doodled on my leg a possible tattoo for me?



(And yea Lindsay I took that pic from you so deal).


and these are 2 of the girls I love!!

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