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nolan said he is lonely in his lj and to be honest i kinda am too. i know i had a huge heart to heart with ash in konkows bathroom last night, cause thats what we do drunk or sober (even though last night was def a drunk one). i dont really remember it (haha i love my life) but i remember the basics. i also remember what jake said. i know im so lucky to be here, ive made so many great friends here that i know will be with me for the rest of my life. i know they care about me and i care about them. i would do anything for anyone here. but today kiki and allison came to visit cuz they were in chico, and it was so fun. is this what everyone goes through? did my sister, did everyone that is older than me go through this? how do people balance their lives between high school and college? arent they both eventually memories? im so nostalgic, i miss high school so much. that was obviously my life, my whole life. i love my old friends.. jessie tracy catherine allison jamie chris brad jeremy my g-d i cant even name everyone there are so many people i have been blessed with to have their friendship. are they going to be replaced now? where do i fit in? i dont know anything anymore. growing up, is this it? whats going to happen. i just know that i miss everyone so much, it seems im never happy because im never.. well i dont know why.

not even going to re-read this because i know its effing emo as hell and i dont want to erase it.

i bought a nutrageous and it got stuck so i had to buy another one. :( now i have 2 and i prefer kit kat big kats!

this is what i miss. im not doing a lj cut so bite me if that bothers you..
WHAT I MISS. what i really miss...

thats it.
whats wrong with me????
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